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Living the dream

By December 14, 2007No Comments

Living the Dream

As a teenager I never in my wildest dreams would I think I would able to have fun in sobriety and enjoy life. My definition of enjoying life was a two bottomless glasses of beer, just in case one ran out. Alcohol let me escape to being comfortable with who I was. My dream of growing up and being successful was exactly that, just a dream. There came a point were I could not enjoy my drinking if had set a limit on it. Also I could only enjoy my alcohol when I there was no control. The funny thing is when I have no control I often found myself in situations that, through my actions, set me up for complete disaster. So when I got sober, my perception of what felt good was contorted. I really had no clue about enjoying anything except through my selfish motives.

The beginning of enjoying life sober was my experience bowling. I was newly sober and my new friends invited me to go bowling. As a teen in recovery I had already made up my mind it was not going to be fun do to the fact that I would not be drunk. My head told me “Obviously everyone drinks when they bowl, why do you think they invented beer frames?” Yet little do I know that hanging out with 10 sober people bowling, talking trash, and hearty laughs was the beginning of the change of my perception of enjoying life. Soon I was able to find fun to going to movies, amusement parks, weddings, and even playing video games sober. I began to realize that I had more opportunities to express myself sober than being a slave to my addiction to alcohol. There is something stress free about not having to keep up with my lies, who was out there to get me, and who I had hurt. All because I was sober. Alcohol with no control gave me only as much fun until there was no more left. Sobriety has shown me that there is no glass ceiling to the opportunities that life offers. The freedom today, because I am sober, has given me the opportunity to be “living the dream”

Alberto P.

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