Is My Kid Using Drugs?

Experts that work in adolescent drug and alcohol rehab say the best way to determine if your children are using drugs or alcohol is to talk to them. There are many resources available to parents for help in talking to your kids about drugs. The problem with that approach is if your children are using drugs or drinking while underage, they are not likely to admit it. Kids usually come into treatment minimizing their drug use. They have been trying to hide their drug use from their parents, teacher, coach, etc… If your child is using drugs or alcohol, it’s more than likely they are doing all they can to cover up that activity so that they can continue to participate in their drug use. What you want to do is look for warning signs that your child is using drugs. Some of these are as fallows:

-Change in behavior
-Change in appearance
-Change in friends
-Trouble at school
-Drop in grades
-Tired all the time
-Loss of sleep
-Red eyes
-Dilated pupils
-Glassy eyes
-Slurred or incoherent speech
-Weight loss
-Smoking cigarettes
-Will not participate with family
-Loss of passion for hobbies
-Drug paraphernalia

Remember that teens try new things and experiment, but a decline in appearance or behavior, or any combination of the signs listed above, especially if it lasts for a while, is a sign that something is wrong. It’s not always drug use that causes these changes. Their may be mental health problems like depression, too. If you notice a change in your child don’t overreact and accuse him or her of using drugs, but if you do see a combination of the above indications it’s time to look for help. Please contact us by clicking here is my child using drugs?

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