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How Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers Can Help Your Teen With Their Depression

By April 16, 2014No Comments

How Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers Can Help Your Teen With Their Depression 

Findings show that one in eight teens suffer from depression. What is unfortunate is that sometimes you never get to see a clue of the depression on their faces! However, depression is treatable.  adolescent-drug-recovery-california

What Causes Depression in Teens

Depression in teens, just like in adults can result from performing poorly in areas they expected to excel. For example, he or she expects to do well in class so when the results come out and they are below his or her expectations, they may feel worthless and inadequate. Other factors that can lead to teen depression include social status with peers, family life, and sexual orientation. Many also become depressed if they lose a family member or a close friend, if they are involved in independence conflicts with their parents, if they breakup with a boyfriend, or when bullied or harassed at school or elsewhere.

You can tell if your teen is depressed by observing any combination of the following symptoms;

  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Unexplained pains all over the body
  • Irresponsible behavior such as forgetting obligations
  • Use of drugs
  • Episodes of memory loss
  • Anxiety, sadness and hopelessness
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Use of drugs

How Visions Will Help

Visions Adolescent treatment Centers implement a safe, supportive, and intensive program that helps affected teens come to terms with their depression and learn to make positive choices that enable them to live a healthy and productive life.

Depression mainly comes in when these teens face daily stressors but fail to formulate solutions to these challenges. Visions Centers help these kids develop effective problem strategies. They get to learn that everyone faces daily challenges and that each challenge can be solved in a unique way. There is never a need to engage in destructive behavior just because one is stressed. If you let emotions get the better of you, it will not just affect you, it will affect your family, friends, and even your future. At Visions, these teens learn to recognize and change behavior and problematic attitudes that may trigger relapse. The family is usually involved in the treatment process to foster understanding and encourage collective effort.

Call 866-889-3665 to speak to a specialist at Visions about teen depression treatment.

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