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How To Prevent Relapse During The Holidays

By December 17, 2009No Comments


The holidays are thought of as a time for family, giving, and cheer. The Holiday season also comes with a ton of family stress, holiday depression, social pressure and let’s face it a lot of drinking and drug use! For the recovering alcoholic or drug addict this time of year is one of the most dangerous “triggers” for relapse. I’ve known many an alcoholic or addict that succumbed to the triggers that the holiday season brings. It is Important to have and use a plan to prevent relapse during the Holidays.

-Go to meetings…lots of them!
-Fellowship (hang out with sober people)
-Keep phone #s of sober friends handy and use them if you think you may drink
-Be of service (volunteer not just in AA or NA but in your community). There is nothing like helping someone else with their problems to help us forget about our own.
-Remove yourself from situations you do not feel comfortable in.

If this is your first clean and sober holiday it may be a good one to spend the majority of your time with your new found friends that are in recovery rather then your family. Nothing against family, there’s just a lot of stress that comes along with them and family just doesn’t have an innate understanding of what your going through.

If you or a loved one is in trouble please click here for help during the holidays!.

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