Forgiveness is Key When It Comes To Being Sober

Forgiveness is Key When It Comes To Being Sober

Emotional distress has been found to be a trigger for substance abuse. People who are feeling angry, anxious, resentment and experiencing other emotions strongly, both negative and positive such as euphoria, may find themselves using drugs more and more. This can lead to addiction and using drugs as a coping mechanism when faced with unfavourable conditions. 

Once someone has decided to break their substance abuse habits and embarked on recovery and being sober, it is important for them to include forgiveness as a step in their therapy. When one holds on to resentment towards others or themselves while fighting a drug or substance abuse addiction, it is easy to relapse to cope with the emotional stress.

Whether one is just starting therapy so as to get sober or have been sober for a while, forgiveness plays a crucial role in the success of the recovery process. While an addict is still using, they are likely to cause others a lot of pain and suffering, be it financial, emotional or physical and to also engage in activities that are harmful to others and to themselves. The feelings of guilt and shame worsen the cycle as they make the addict seek more of the drug in an effort to numb the pain. If not properly addressed, trespasses and wrongs done to others as well as feelings guilt and shame make it harder for one to move on and to stay sober.

Holding on to things others have done to us and staying angry is like holding on to a hot coal, bound to hurt the person holding on to the grudge the most. It is therefore important for anyone recovering from drug and substance abuse to being sober, to forgive others for being wronged by them not only as a means of ensuring they stay on track and remain sober but also for the emotional freedom and peace of mind.

Asking for forgiveness from others that one has wronged is also important as it reduces the feeling of guilt and shame while also helping to rebuild relationships that have been adversely affected by one’s substance and drug abuse. Whether they decide to forgive one is not as important as having taken the step towards reconciliation and making things better.

The most important thing is for one to forgive themselves as it makes it easier to move on past an addiction and mistakes.

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