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Finding Recovery In a Safe Place

By June 3, 2009No Comments

Learning that your teen has a drug problem can be a very scary experience. Many parents in Dallas wonder what to do. An adolescent drug treatment program may be the solution. Treatment offers a safe and supportive environment for your Child to get off of drugs and to learn tools and gain the faith to stay off of drugs. Our staff- many of them recovering addicts themselves- work with your son or daughter to provide a compassionate and therapeutic environment conducive to recovery.

Many parents worry about sending their children away. One of the most important advantages of residential treatment for families from Dallas is that teens are put in a situation free of distraction- where recovery is their number one priority. Teens begin the difficult healing process in a safe place. Since everything we do is geared towards recovery, they will be offered opportunities for growth around every corner. Our clinical staff works with both teens and families to repair and strengthen relationships damaged by drug use, co-occuring behaviors and to help craft an exit plan for your child that will aid in continued sobriety. Deciding to send your teen treatment can be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. You don’t have to do it alone.

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