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Find a Teen Drug Recovery Center That Offers Drug Testing

By May 24, 2014No Comments

Find a Teen Drug Recovery Center that Offers Drug Testing

Research shows that teens are unlikely to report their use of illicit drugs even if a test looms. What that tells you is that they are even less likely to tell you (parents) about their use of Molly, Marijuana, and other drugs. There is therefore an increased need to use more than just self-reporting when you suspect that your child is using drugs or when you can actually see the symptoms.  road-to-recovery

Confidential questionnaires reveal that adolescents are 52% more likely to test positive for drugs than tell anyone about it. But then that is to be expected. As humans, it’s natural for us not to tell people what they don’t want to hear. If we think that what we are about to say will make us socially unacceptable or make people change how they think about us, we will be reluctant to speak about it. The teens often play down their drug use even when they are certain of an upcoming test.

At Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers, if the psychologists feel that it is important to know whether or not the teen abuses a drug, because there are signs or symptoms of drug use, they will not rely on what the teens tell them anymore.  Where there is sufficient evidence of drug use and the teen can’t admit to it, testing becomes the most reliable way to get a response.

Even more worrying is the fact that kids are most likely to lie about the hard drugs, as opposed to tobacco, alcohol, and to a lesser extent, marijuana. This is because hard drugs are more socially unacceptable and the legal penalties against them are harsh.

Play Your Role as a Parent

The greatest advice for parents is to engage their children in constructive dialogue to help them stay away from drugs. And when you feel that your teen is using drugs, take the right action. At Visions teen drug recovery facilities, they will be tested and afterwards, benefit from professional counseling. Parents will also be advised on what to do depending on the outcome of the drug tests.

Please call 866-889-3665 to speak to a specialist at Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers or click below to schedule your consultation.

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