Drug Treatment for Adolescents

A recent study of rats suggests that adolescent drinking leads to poor decision making in adulthood. They needed rats for that? Apparently, alcohol may damage decision making areas of still-growing brains. That makes sense. My still-growing brain made some really damaging decisions when I was drinking and using. Fortunately, I got help. I went to a teen drug and alcohol program that helped me learn how to make decisions for myself. I had to learn to think before I said things, and check out my behavior with others before I acted. I realized, I made a lot of dumb decisions.
The good news, was that I could fix most of it. The first step was to stop drinking and using, and to not do that stuff again. The second part was learning about the patterns in my behaviors and to cease making the same mistakes over and over. That part took a lot more time. I am grateful to know that I stopped the cycle. I left my home in Poway, San Diego to go to adolescent drug treatment so that I didn’t have to let my teen drinking and drug abuse follow me into adulthood. I’m sure I’ll make mistakes in my life- I’m human, but I don’t have to be a slave to drugs and alcohol anymore. As long as I have that going for me, I am at a greater advantage than when I was using. For More info please click here adolescent drug and alcohol treatment.

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