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Dealing With Addiction in Adolescents and Teens

By August 23, 2014No Comments

Finding out that your teen has an addiction is often traumatic for parents.  More likely than not, you’ve seen the signs and noticed changes in behavior before you knew something was really wrong.  Maybe you believed it was just a phase, that the negative behavior was a normal part of being a teenager.  Or maybe you had a nagging sensation that things were getting out of control.  Regardless of how you came to the realization, the most important question is “what’s next?”  Treating teen addiction is complicated and is best done by professionals.  Knowing where to turn for help can provide the support you need to address your teen’s addiction.  california-teen-addiction-recovery

How Teen Addiction Issues Develop

Often, teenage addiction issues begin with experimenting with substances.  For some, their own curiosity sparked the idea.  For others, peer pressure is the culprit. And others are looking for a way to self-medicate to address other issues.  After the initial high, the teen seeks to find that feeling again.  At some point recreational use becomes much more than that.  What may have started as experimentation begins to have negative effects on the teen’s behavior, their lives, and the lives of the people around them.

Not all people that experiment with drugs or alcohol become addicted.  It is believed that some people are predisposed to addiction.  Those people include:

  • Those who have a family history of addiction
  • Individuals who were abused during their childhood
  • People who have an underlying or untreated mental illness
  • Those who begin to use drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication at an early age

The Best Way to Treat Teen Addiction Issues

Despite the best intentions of teenagers and their parents, it can be nearly impossible to break an addiction without professional help.  The best way to address your teenager’s addiction is with professional assistance.  A professional who is knowledgeable about adolescent addiction can create a personalized treatment plan to address your teen’s specific needs.  The manner of treatment varies by individual.  Options for treatment include:

  • Residential treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Long term residential treatment
  • Day school

When looking for treatment options, consider addiction treatment centers that provide treatment in a variety of ways in order to meet different needs.

The Best Place to Take Your Teen for Treatment

Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers provide customized addiction treatment in their locations throughout southern California.  Their staff is dedicated to clinical excellence and providing each client with the specific tools and support they need.  The team at Visions offers treatment in the following ways:  road-to-recovery

  • Residential treatment – Located in Malibu, Visions Teen residential treatment program provides a positive and supportive environment.  The goal is to allow teens to step away from their everyday lives in order to focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of their addiction.  This treatment program is for adolescents between 13 and 18.  Typically, residential stays are between 45 and 90 days long.
  • Outpatient treatment – Provided in two locations in Los Angeles, outpatient treatments allows adolescents and their families to receive treatment in a non-residential setting.  With programs offered in the evening and weekends, the outpatient program is designed to allow teens and their parents to receive treatment as they continue with their everyday routines. Eight week and one year programs are offered for teens between 13 and 18 and their parents.
  • Day school – Visions’ Day School provides and alternative education program for those adolescents who have been unable to find success in a mainstream school setting.  A student to staff ratio of three to one allows the educators and clinicians at Day School to provide individualized attention.  This program is able to meet students where they are academically, with educational offerings from remedial to honors level classes.
  • Extended residential treatment – Visions offers an extended residential treatment program to teens who may benefit from alternate living arrangements.  Stays in the extended program are at least 90 days in duration.  This program is offered to adolescents between 13 and 18.
  • LAUNCH – Specially designed for young adults between 18 and 24, LAUNCH is an outpatient program that is intended to supplement other clean living programs.  The goal of LAUNCH is to help clients gain independence and to provide continued support in their recovery

For additional information on the teen addiction treatment programs available at Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers, speak with a counselor today. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 866-889-3665.

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