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Embrace Change: It’s a Requirement in Recovery

By April 12, 2013No Comments
Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box (Photo credit: Sarit Photography)

How can you embrace the change that occurs after recovery begins?

For one thing, you have to do the work to change the morality of the person within—the one who made all of those harmful choices that landed you in treatment and recovery.  We are innately good, but if we don’t do the inner work to change the way we engage with those around us, our goodness is truly in peril. Is that what you want in addition to sobriety? A failing sense of “goodness”? I didn’t think so. This is good to keep in mind, especially since Coachella is here!

1: We removed drugs and alcohol from our lives.

2: We are addressing any mental health issues that arise or have been ignored – with the help of professionals, of course (we did the self-help thing, remember?)

3: Change your social circles. This is one of the toughest things to do, especially as a teen! There are, however, wonderful sober teens and sober communities out there!

4: Learn how to have fun without drugs and alcohol.

5: Surround yourself with like-minded people whose love and support is unconditional.

6: Learn how to say no. Healthy boundaries will save your ever-lovin’ bums.

7: Do the tough work before it works you. In other words, get the correct therapeutic support so the shadows of your trauma and past don’t overcome the light of your presence.

8: Know that you don’t have to do this alone. Things can get tough; in recovery, the isolation and self-deprecation cease to be an active choice.

9: Dance. Dance and sing and act ridiculous. It frees the mind and soul and lets the light in. Think I’m nuts? Watch Glee or YouTube the Harlem Shake. Never has being ridiculous been more fun!

10: Love yourself and the love of others will seem less foreign. Know t hat You deserve to be loved.

Have fun at Coachella, folks! Remember, you’re not the “you” you used to be. Your morals have shifted, your goals are different, and your path isn’t paved with empty bottles and vomit anymore: you are embracing change. Your path is now paved with love and support and a second chance.

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