Can My Teen Be Obsessed With Being Healthy

Can My Teen Be Obsessed With Being Healthy

Being healthy is something more people are taking seriously. While it is definitely a good thing that more people care about their health, being health-conscious has turned into a fad for some and an obsession for others. This is due to, among other things, the media, specifically when it is related to body weight, shape, and size.  

Parents are worried, and rightfully so, whether the trend of being healthy is likely to affect their children and especially teens who are preoccupied with their body image. Cases of teens suffering from food disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are well-documented and on the rise. This gives real credence to parents worrying about whether their child has a health obsession.

It is important for a parent to address any concerns they may have that their teen is suffering from a health obsession. Health concerns are at the forefront, for an obsession with being healthy shows that there are emotional, social and/or psychological issues to be dealt with.

Another eating disorder that has been on the rise is orthorexia, a condition in which one is obsessed with eating right. People suffering from orthorexia want to have total control over what they eat, making eating out or in a social setting almost impossible. They will also shun anything that is or contains ingredients that they consider unhealthy. While knowing what one is consuming and how it affects their body is a good and health-conscious thing, obsessing about it is not. The number of teens being diagnosed with orthorexia has been increasing at high rates.

The only way to determine if your child has a health obsession is to be observant and ensure that you are communicating effectively and frequently with them. Being on the lookout for health obsession signs and symptoms enables a parent to act early.

The earlier qualified therapists and professionals skilled in dealing with such problems are involved, the easier it is for the therapy to work. It is prudent to leave the recovery of a teen who is obsessed with being healthy to experienced and well-trained personnel, such as those found at Visions Adolescents Treatment Centers.

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