California Substance Abuse Programs For Adolescents

California Substance Abuse Programs For Adolescents

One of the fastest growing populations affected by addiction is the age group of 13-18 year old teens.  These young addicts are in a very crucial stage of both physical and mental development and can very often find themselves developing a drug habit from giving in to peer pressure with experimental use. It is hard for parents of these troubled teens to speak with their adolescents. Most often  teens block out any discussion that comes from a source of authority. While most parents begin to notice a distinct change in their teens behavior, many parent’s are caught off guard by the extent of their child’s dependency.  

Teens are naturally secretive and contrary to any direct discipline or what they perceive as challenges to their independence. Often a parent’s well intentioned actions of increasing penalties and disciplinary measures are often met with direct defiance and lying. Just where do these parent’s of troubled teens turn when all their efforts to help their teen have failed?  They turn to the experts, those medical professionals who are skilled and experienced in treating the many facets of teen addiction.

The biggest challenge for these parents is often finding the specific resources necessary and vital to a teen addicts recovery. While there are many medical residential treatment facilities throughout the nation that treat substance abuse, there are precious few that specialize in the recovery of teens with addiction issues.  Southern California is home to a facility that specializes in the treatment of addicted teens with both a residential, and out patient treatment facility that has a teen specific substance abuse programs.

Visions Teen is staffed with medical professionals who specialize in treating only the addiction issues of teens. Having your adolescent exposed to lifetime using addicts in treatment is hardly the right environment for their recovery. Being in teen specific substance abuse programs pairs them with others most like them, those that are dealing with the same pressures and expectations that plague them at this impressionable age. Seeing positive peers in active recovery from the same drug dependencies and circumstances they are struggling to overcome aids in modeling of positive influences and behaviors.

For the best in substance abuse programs to treat teen addiction trust the experienced professionals whose careers are dedicated to this at risk age group. Visions Teen counselors are standing by at 866-889-3665 to help, call for a consultation today.

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