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Adolescent Intervention

By February 7, 2010No Comments


Adolescent intervention can be difficult because of the unpredictable nature of teenagers and their extreme investment in trying not to get caught. Kids minimize their drug use because they are constantly trying to fly below the radar of parents, teachers and other authority figures. Adolescent drug and alcohol experimentation can be common, but misuse, abuse and even addiction are not normal and need to be curbed before the problem becomes life-threatening. Drug or alcohol users that are teenagers often have a difficult time admitting to the fact that they have a problem and their denial can result in anger, rage, and a desire to do exactly the opposite of what their parents would want. Interventions are used as a last resort, this means often times there is no second chance. So when using an interventionist with an adolescent it is important to have a back up plan such as a transport service that consists of licensed and bonded individuals that can physically transport the teen to treatment safely if things get out of control.

Please contact us for help finding an interventionist or adolescent transport service.

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