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Addicted Teens Share Their Secrets – Secrets Untold

By December 31, 2008No Comments

Secrets Untold – Addicted Teens Share Their Secrets

Every teenager has secrets that they keep from their parents. No matter how hard parents try to have open communication with their kids, there are some secrets that are untold. I recently looked up this topic on the Internet and found an audio snippet on NPR on the subject (“Teens Share Their Secrets”). I have also added some of my own secrets from working with teens and from my own personal experience.

Some of the revealing things that teens keep from their parents are as follows:

  • they stole the family car
  • they are not a virgin
  • they feel too much pressure from their parents to succeed
  • they don’t like being compared to the standards of their siblings
  • they lie about being at the library or other places, when they are really with their boyfriend or girlfriend
  • they sneak out at night
  • they keep secrets for their siblings, such as sexual activity/drug use
  • they have hidden tattoos and piercings
  • their friends do drugs and they go to parties with drug use
  • they buy/sell drugs at school
  • they are gay or bisexual
  • they steal money from their parents
  • they use money that their parents give them for drugs or other illegal things
  • they are failing school/may not graduate
  • they hide drugs at home
  • they use household items as drug paraphernalia

If you want to hear their voices firsthand, click here .

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