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A Proud “Visions Mom”

By February 25, 2008No Comments

Next week on February 5, Josh S. will have 116 days sober. I (the proud Mom) thought you might enjoy some digital photos of some of the paintings Josh has done since he’s been home. Living a sober life has elevated Josh’s artistic creativity to a whole new level. What I see as a “Visions Parent” is that after his being a part of the treatment program, Josh now has the ability to reach down inside his heart to use “what he feels inside” for inspiration to paint his “vision.”

He had his very first art exhibit on January 26th along with 40 other kids who are part of the Youth Arts Collective program which he attends 4 days a week from 3pm-7pm. There are some pretty amazing young artists at YAC, and Josh has been learning a lot from them.

I hope you are all doing well and I know that you are working hard with all the kids and their families.

Anyway, Josh says, “hi,” and please tell Lani that we miss her cooking.

Warmest Regards,
A Proud “Visions Mom”

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