Prior to opening Visions, Amanda Shumow, at age 24, worked at an renowned adult treatment center. The experience there would prove to be a career defining moment, as Dr. Shumow realized that her energies and expertise would be better served toward working with kids. Says Dr. Shumow, “When I was a teen, if someone had asked me ‘Do you have a problem with drugs, or, are you depressed?’ I would have said, ‘yes.’ I wish there was something like Visions when I was young but at the time wilderness and long term therapeutic boarding schools were the prescription for kids with “ issues”, and in some cases it is still the go to.” It was this personal and professional realization that led her to found Visions with her husband Chris, who she met while working at the adult center. Together, the Shumows have created a world-class treatment facility with an unprecedented level mental health care that’s literally reshaped the lives of thousands of people from nearly every corner of the globe. She and Chris wanted to create something that focused on putting families back together, diagnosing underling issues, and teaching the teens and families new tools for emotional growth. Amanda is understandably proud of Vision’s unique treatment philosophy: “We are humble about a lot of things we do, but we are not humble about the staff. They are simply the best. The Visions culture is like nothing else. We love what we do and take whatever steps are necessary to make each clients experience meaningful and individualized.”

Mrs. Shumow attended college for 15 of the 17 years (as of 2019) of Visions existance and now holds a BA in Liberal Studies, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and most recently (2019), a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology. In addition to her degrees, Amanda is also a level III certified drug, alcohol and addiction counselor (CADACIII) which means she has demonstrated an advanced ability as a counsleor. Amanda’s dedication to furthering her own education is matched with her encouragement of others to do the same, she wants her staff to train, get certifications and grow as clinicians and team members. Dr. Shumow is heavily involved in the day to day management of the programs and is available to any staff member, client, or parent 24 hours a day should the need arise. Her phone number is (310) 430-3018 and she requested we post it to allow anyone needing information directly from her to reach out. It is this type of open line of communication that makes Visions unique, the owners of the program are available at all times. Dr. Shumow is of the opinion that if someone has chosen Visions for their teen, they need to be able to get a hold of the people who are in charge of who is watching and caring for their child. As parents of 5 biological children ranging in age from 18-18 months old (as of July 12, 2019) and one 20 year old “bonus” child who now works at Visions when she is not attending college. They are intimately aware of how difficult parenting is, let alone parenting a child with different needs.

Dr. Shumow’s therapeutic approach is consultative and instructive, not didactic or prescriptive. While she believes firmly in the power to transcend our problems through change, there is no “therapeutic power combo” that works for everyone, and results are proportional to the work and mindfulness dedicated to an individual’s efforts. Thus, Amanda encourages her clients, as well as their families, to examine their lives as a whole and to meet each challenge—whether family-related, substance abuse-based, or psychological in nature—as an opportunity for introspection, personal growth and improvement, emphasizing the significance of taking control of your own life. Her deeply rooted belief that everyone has an inner potential for change is a guiding principle of Visions and steers Amanda to continuously examine current programming to ensure that both evidence based practices are upheld and new methods for the treatment of mental health issues are being brought into the Visions programs. For over 17 years, Visions has lead the industry by growing and changing to fit the ever expanding needs of their clients. As the co-founder of Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers, Amanda is a leading figure in an established and esteemed network of doctors, therapists, counselors, scientists, and cultural pioneers who are reshaping the field of adolescent and young psychology.