There are few people with their fingers more firmly on the pulse of Millennial thinking and culture than Amanda Shumow. As the co-founder of Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers, she is a leading figure in an established and esteemed network of doctors, therapists, counselors, scientists, and cultural pioneers who are reshaping the field of adolescent and young psychology. One of Southern California’s most sought after therapists, Amanda Shumow is well known by thousands of people.

Ms. Shumow’s therapeutic approach is consultative and instructive, not didactic or prescriptive. While she believes firmly in the power to transcend our problems through change, there is no “therapeutic power combo” that works for everyone, and results are proportional to the work and mindfulness dedicated to an individual’s efforts. Thus, Ms. Shumow encourages her clients, as well as their families, to examine their lives as a whole and to meet each challenge—whether family-related, substance abuse-based, or psychological in nature—as an opportunity for introspection, personal growth and improvement, emphasizing the significance of taking control of your own life. Her deeply rooted belief that everyone has an inner potential for change is a guiding principle of Visions and the foundation on which she bases her highly successful psychotherapy practice.

Prior to opening Visions, Mrs. Shumow was the TK TK  California’s renowned Promises Treatment Center, where she worked directly with Dr. David Sack, one of America’s leading addiction psychiatrists. The experience at Promises would prove to be a career defining moment, as Mrs. Shumow realized that her energies and expertise would be better served toward working with kids. Says Mrs. Shumow, “When I was a teen, if someone had asked me ‘Do you have a problem with drugs,’ I would have said, ‘yes.’ I wish there was something like Visions when I was young.” It was this personal and professional realization that led her to found Visions with her husband Chris, who she met while working at Promises. Together, the Shumows have created a world-class treatment facility with an unprecedented level mental health care that’s literally reshaped the lives of thousands of people from nearly every corner of the globe. Mrs. Shumow is understandably proud of Vision’s unique treatment philosophy: “We are humble about a lot of things we do, but we are not humble about the staff. We have the best team. The Visions culture is like nothing else. We love what they do and take whatever steps are needed to make things work.”

The media and health industry luminaries frequently turn to Mrs. Shumow as a resource for information on adolescent and young adult psychology, as well issues relating substance abuse and addiction recovery.  She lectures frequently the problems facing young adults and holds seminars on drug and alcohol addiction, TK, TK, and more.

Mrs. Shumow holds Master’s Degree in psychology, is a certified drug, alcohol and addiction counselor (CDAAC), and is just steps away from completing a Doctorate in Psychology. Ms. Shumow’s dedication to furthering her own education is matched with her encouragement of others to do the same.

Mrs. Shumow resides in Los Angeles with her husband Chris and their four children.