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Highlights from Celebrating Fiona Ray

Fiona Ray has stepped into her new role as Clinical Director and we wanted to kick things off Visions-FionaParty-18with a bang. We do love to celebrate our team and their accomplishments! Last Friday, the Recovery community had the opportunity to come and congratulate Fiona, see what we are doing as a company, and check out the digs in Brentwood.


It was so wonderful to see so many familiar and new faces, share great food (which included Pink Berry), and  mingle with so many wonderful members of this community. Major kudos go to Angela Carrillo, our Los Angeles Outreach Coordinator, who tirelessly make this bash the success that it was and to Christina Howard-Micklish for her fabulous celebratory aesthetic.  The VTeam showed a lot of pride and excitement, cheering on one of their own. Fiona Ray has made a memorable impact on her team at IOP/Day School and will surely do the same for the rest of the facilities as she weaves the entirety of the Visions team together.

It’s not every day you get to see one of your own take flight in this way. Fiona is really someone to celebrate: she is dedicated, kind, compassionate, determined and respectable. We are over-the-moon excited for Fiona, and for the cohesive expansion of our facilities and team.

Check out the highlights from the party! Just click on the image below to view the rest of the slideshow: [slideshow id=8]

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Fiona A. Ray, MA, LMFT – Clinical Director

Bill Hoban has been our infallible Clinical Director for the last 12 years. His expertise and dedication helped make Visions the program it is today. It has been an honor working with him in that capacity. Recently, Bill has stepped down from his role as Clinical Director; he has passed the torch to the inimitable Fiona Ray as she steps into her new role as Clinical Director.


Fiona’s had an inspired vision for our clinical growth. Her fierce determination to execute positive change and create a solid team in our Outpatient facilities has been remarkable and we are excited to have her take on this role and do the same for our residential team. In her role as Director of Outpatient Services, Fiona created an environment replete with a dedicated staff willing to stand on the front lines alongside her to ensure that clients get the best care available. Fiona is not afraid of change, nor is she afraid to make the tough decisions sometimes necessary in treatment; she does it with compassion and wise intention. She is keen on creating an environment that is supportive and respectful for her staff to flourish and be the team they are meant to be.


We are thrilled to support Fiona Ray in new her position as Clinical Director. She is a well-respected fixture in the recovery community, recognized for her tenacity, dedication, and quiet, but fierce presence. Fiona has this ability to approach difficulty in a calm, collected way while making a family feel secure, supported and cared for. She has been instrumental in building out our Extended Care program, Launch, and the DBT training for the staff.  Fiona’s desire to create an environment that is healing and empowering for clients and co-workers is astounding.  Her drive to make Visions the best adolescent treatment is something to behold. Fiona is one of a kind and we consider ourselves deeply fortunate to have her in our midst.


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Celebrating Fiona A. Ray, MA, LMFT – Clinical Director

Fiona Ray has never ceased to be authentic, straightforward, and honest. She carries herself with confidence and exudes an aura of calm wisdom. She heads several sober living houses and oversees our treatment programs as Visions Clinical Director and she does all of this while appearing cool as a cat. Always moving and tracking information, Fiona has her finger on the pulse at all times. She knows when to be firm, and she knows when to soften. She is able to tend to the needs of the staff and the families in such a way that you know she is there for you.  Fiona is one of a kind.


Honestly, I think this is just who Fiona is: a sincerely dedicated, determined woman, desirous of creating an environment that is both healing and empowering for her clients and co-workers. She shoots straight from the hip, she doesn’t candy-coat things, and she essentially tells it how it is. These are qualities deeply respected by our population, and revered by those who work beside her. It’s refreshing to encounter someone like Fi, whose truth drives her authenticity. As a result, she has a client base that respects her deeply and a staff that is willing to stand with her on the front lines of this transformative process of recovery. We are grateful to have someone like Fiona as our Clinical Director.


The staff has some pretty amazing things to say as well. Check it out:


“Fiona, is one of the most determined, committed professionals I have had the honor to work with. There are very few individuals who are as intensely driven to do the best for each and everyone of their clients.” – John Lieberman


“I remain in total awe of Fi’s capacity to multitask – she flows so quickly from managing one area of our operations to the next, always treating everyone with the equal expectation to keep Visions humming at the highest level.  The only way she could command so much respect from so many is that we all know she has the biggest heart, and is working harder than anyone.” Jesse Engdahl


“Fiona is amazing.  I am grateful for being given the opportunity to work with her here at IOP.   She has a fun and, at times, bubbly personality and I feel safe and comfortable approaching her with any issues that I have (personal and professional). Bottom line: The longer I work with Fiona, the more I love and admire her.  She is one of the strongest women I know.” Natalie Holman


“If Fiona is around, you know the job will get done. So smart and great at what she does. I owe a lot to her: a friend, colleague and great person. I feel truly blessed to know her and work with her. A pillow doesn’t stand a chance around her!!”  Nono AKA Noelle Rodriguez


And without further adieu, let’s hear what Fiona had to say when we sent her very own silly set of questions:

1.  Cats or Dogs?


2.  Favorite shop in Los Angeles?


3.  Describe your dream car

1962 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport. 409 V8/4 Speed/4:11. Black on Black.

4.  What’s your Starbucks order?

Grande Quad Sugarfree Vanilla Soy Latte.

5.  Cupcakes or Smuffins?

Both, at the same time. Now.

6.  If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be with?

Steve Jobs.

7.  Favorite poem?

Desiderata – Max Ehrmann.

8.  Favorite song to belt out in traffic?

In the Evening – Led Zeppelin.

9.  How do you keep your locks so shiny?

Shu Uemura – Moisture Velvet – Shampoo & Conditioner with a dash of Moroccan Oil.

10.  Why do you choose to work for Visions?

I care. They care. We care. It works.

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