“To be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone.” – Pope Francis

Yeonmi Mary Pak began working as a Program Aide at Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers in 2016, and is now a Recovery Mentor for the Residential Dual Diagnosis facility. Yeonmi’s welcoming and warm nature helps residents to feel that it is okay to feel their emotions, share, and connect with peers and staff. Yeonmi helps create a safe, ethical, and effective therapeutic experience for our residents.

Yeonmi is a proud Athenian graduate from Mount St. Mary’s University MSMU (Los Angeles), where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies. Her beliefs and education encouraged her to discern her vocational calling. She discovered her calling to become a mentor and participate in the holistic, healing process of the universe. One of Yeonmi’s most challenging years of her life was during her adolescence, and she can now share her experiences and gifts with the teenagers who also struggle with mental health challenges.

Yeonmi is in the process of working toward becoming a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. In the future, she also plans to further her education to become a licensed therapist.

On her day off, she spends her time resting and recharging by meditating, reading, doing yoga, praying, drinking hot tea, swimming, and walking down the Malibu Pier. Yeonmi particularly loves the ocean. She also loves hanging out, traveling, and going on road trips with the people she loves. Yeonmi strives for a balance between investing time in personal growth as well as building a communal support system. Yeonmi is grateful for Visions, the staff, and residents and honored to be a part of each resident’s recovery process.