Dr. David M. Lewis, MD

Dr. David Lewis is a psychiatrist and is certified in Addiction Medicine as well as certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers. The American Society of Addiction Medicine has elected him a fellow. Dr. Lewis has served as Chief of the Department of Mental Health for the United States Air Force Academy and was the past Medical Director for Anacapa Adventist Hospital. He has also held distinguished positions at UCLA as Clinical Professor and holds medical licenses in California, Colorado, and Texas. Dr. Lewis is the Founder of the ASAP Family Treatment Program. In addition, he is also the Founder and Co-Director for the NBA, Major League Soccer, and NHL Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Programs.

He has been honored as a select member of the White House Conference on a Drug Free America and is a distinguished author. Dr. Lewis has appeared numerous times as an expert in both behavioral health and substance abuse for programs such as Nightline and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Dr. Lewis is also the co-founder of the nationwide, nonprofit Make a Difference organization.