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What is “Dabbing”?

Dabbing, a new way of getting “high” from the active ingredient in marijuana, is quickly gaining popularity today, particularly with the younger crowd of marijuana users. The highly concentrated oil is nearly as dangerous to make as it is to smoke, raising serious concerns about the rising fad. For those concerned about the marijuana use of friends or loved ones, there are some facts about dabbing you need to know.

What are “Dabs”?
Dabs, also known as butane hash oil or BHO, are waxy concentrates created by extracting THC – the active ingredient in marijuana. Extraction is done using butane, which is a highly flammable gas. The extract left from the process is up to four times more potent than standard marijuana, producing a more powerful high with a very small amount of the substance.

Dabbing has actually been around for a number of decades, but only recently has it come into popularity with regular drug users. Now, those interested in dabbing can find information on social media and YouTube videos, presenting a serious danger for DIY dabbers that try to make the substance at home.

Dangerous Extraction
Because the process of extraction is done using highly flammable materials, there have been numerous reports of explosions and fires involving those that have tried to make the substance in their homes. In addition, the extraction process is far from an exact science, which leaves the user unsure of the additional ingredients that might make their way into the dabs. These substances might include dangerous chemicals and gases, including residual butane and benzene.

Powerful Drug
THC concentrations found in dabbing can be as much as 90 percent, while concentrations of THC in standard marijuana are closer to 10-15 percent. This potent mix has led to hallucinations, unconsciousness and hospital visits for some users. Because the high is so strong, most that begin dabbing will be unable to go back to herbal marijuana and get a satisfactory high. This may lead some dabbers to move to other types of drugs in an effort to mimic the effects.

There are also concerns that the potency of dabbing can lead to tolerance of the drug, which means more of the substance will be needed to achieve the same effects. Tolerance to drugs can also lead to abuse and dependency over time.

As concerns about dabbing continue to grow, legalization of marijuana in many states for both medicinal and recreational purposes only serves to feed the worry. If you are struggling with marijuana abuse of any kind, we can help. Contact Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers today at 866-889-3665.

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