Teen Opiate Rehab Canada

Oh, Canada. What are you doing? A Canadian study including Victoria, BC, in which heroin addicts were given either morphine or HEROIN to treat their heroin addiction found that those in the heroin group were more likely to stay in “treatment.” What? Of course more teen heroin addicts that were given heroin stayed in treatment. They were being given free heroin! The study concluded that the heroin group was less likely to engage in illicit activities when they were supplied with heroin. Yeah, okay. Only a couple of people overdosed during the study.
I can’t imagine having this program in my life rather than the one I have now. I wouldn’t have changed anything! I would still be a junkie! I might not have gotten arrested or stole from my parents but uh- not having enough free, legal heroin wasn’t my problem. There weren’t enough drugs in the world to feed my problem.
I know what works for me, and that’s what I learned in Teen opiate rehab. I can’t successfully use drugs or alcohol. Complete abstinence has given me an entirely new kind of freedom. Of course it was difficult to give up drugs, but the personal changes that resulted from that decision have helped me become a better person. I don’t believe that the answer to my heroin problem was more heroin. The answer to my problem was to seek real help, make some serious changes, and change my life.

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