Teen Alcohol Rehab

The LA Times reports that it has been proven that alcoholics have more difficulty interpreting facial cues indicating emotion that non-alcoholics. It has yet to be determined whether this social deficiency is a result of heavy drinking or one of the root causes of heavy drinking. Either way, it may be one of the reasons alcoholics have such a hard time perceiving the emotions of those around them.
Regardless of the causes, alcoholism can destroy families. Relationship troubles are frequently one of the first indicators that a teen has a problem. Secrecy, lying, and intense self-centeredness are all early indicators of a teen drinking problem. Teen alcohol rehab helps to repair the broken relationships that alcohol destroys. Family sessions with clinical staff aim to rebuild and strengthen familial bonds and closeness. Individual and group therapy sessions with struggling teens helps to strengthen their own interpersonal communication skills. Alcohol can destroy teens and families, but early intervention and treatment can help repair the damage done, and set troubled teens on the path to a better, more satisfying life. If you have questions regarding adolescent alcohol treatment for your teen, please contact us today.

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