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The Thought Has Entered My Mind

By April 26, 2008No Comments

The thought has entered my mind that an addict might not be constantly thinking about drugs, but rather in a certain moment they feel that they cannot live without it. You see, everyone has that one thing that they are addicted to. Whether it is work, gambling, shopping, pornography, sports, women, or merely superstition that controls them, everybody has something that they feel they either can’t or won’t live without. Almost everyday someone goes through a moment in time where they are a slave to a certain will or desire. For me it has never been drugs, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have an addict’s mentality sometimes. True, these slaves of mine will probably never land me in jail, cost massive amounts of money, or end with me in a pine box, but they could cost me in moral values, hinder my walk with Christ, or even take up my time. I do believe that the problems that we have now are the problems that we will have in our 50’s. For some reason, I have never seen being a drug addict as just a problem. It has always been a foreign language to me until now. Working with these kids has opened my eyes to the plain and simple fact that they just have a problem, the same as me, you and everyone else on this planet.

Adam Byrd

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