Teens Allowed to Drink Alcohol at Home

A Dutch study in which teens were allowed to drink alcohol at home found that they were more likely to drink outside of the home as well, and to drink more often. Parents who had hoped that by setting an example of moderate, safe drinking within the home would prevent alcohol abuse in their teens most often found that their teen was more likely to drink on their own. The study concluded that to avoid teen alcohol abuse, the onset of teen drinking should be delayed for as long as possible.
For teens that are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, residential adolescent treatment can help. Establishing structure and learning new coping tools within a safe and nurturing environment allows teens the chance to get on the road to recovery. Teens who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse require treatment that addresses all aspects of a teen’s life- from academic and behavioral challenges, to dual-diagnosis and eating disorder issues, teens are given the opportunity to find wholeness and happiness within a loving support system. In addition to a wide range of daily activities, group, family, individual, equine, and art therapy all contribute to your teen’s well-being. There is no single solution to teen drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, but rather, there are multiple facets to achieving recovery. Visions explores every possible solution to craft an individual treatment plan for every individual teen.

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