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Patrick Schettler – Operations Coordinator

Patrick Schettler is one of the most profoundly helpful people I know.  He has his finger on the pulse of Visions and is able to jump in and be of service whenever and wherever necessary.  Patrick’s adventures at Visions started out with him working as a program aide in 2006. He later moved on to hold various positions of leadership over the years: He’s been our Lead Program Aide, held the position of Educator, and he currently holds the position of Operations Coordinator. In truth, Patrick epitomizes service in the most genuine way. He doesn’t do it because he has to; he does it because he wants to. To boot, Patrick is so much more than an administrative genius. As it turns out, he apparently plays a mean guitar. Hm. Maybe there’s a Visions band in our future!? Now that could be interesting!

Of course, the staff has some truly amazing things to say, so read on:

“P-trick, as I affectionately refer to him, is an all-around ninja. He has been tech, teacher, tech supervisor, para-clinical, administrative fire-putter-outer, late-hour working, and foundation at Visions. He keeps his cool, while others might flip out in stressful situations. Aside from all of this professional praise, I can also vouch for the fact that he is a bad-ass guitar player.” – Daniel Dewey

“He’s the best ‘mini-me’ John Lieberman could ever hope for!” – Katie Mason

“Patrick is the calm in the storm. He is committed to our Visions Team. Patrick helps make the unmanageable manageable. We work back to back I can’t think of another person who could put up with me…with no way out.” – John Lieberman

“Schettler knows there’s no ‘I’ in team.  He’s always willing to step outside of his job description to create a first-class environment at Visions.  I depend on him for a lot due to not working on campus.  Patrick’s drive for success and his compassion to help makes everyone’s job at Visions easier on a daily basis.  He also has the ability to pull off purple sunglasses…not a judgment…just noticing.” — Christina Howard

“‘Apartrick’!  Thank you for picking up every random call and question from every tech, doctor, insurance agency, parent….and us.  You have stepped up time and time again and have proven yourself to truly be a managing member of this team.  We can trust you to take care of every crisis–big and small–and know you will handle it with grace–minus the dreaded insurance guy who denies coverage, and whom you yell at with our blessing. 🙂  You have been an amazing sounding board for all of us.  Part of our office joy radiates from your end of the building and during the stressful times, we can always count on you to laugh or make some kind of joke to make us smile.  Thank you for showing up at all hours of the day or night, you have eased some of John’s stress (ours too!) and for that we thank you!!! — Chris and Amanda Shumow

Without further adieu, let’s hear what Patrick had to say when we asked him our usual wild and wacky questions:

1: What is your guilty pleasure:

I’m a sucker for reality TV shows on the food channel.  I will drop everything to watch the newest episode of Chopped.

2: Do you prefer acoustic or electric guitars?

 Both. Gotta have an acoustic for the late-night sessions.

3: You’re stranded on an island: name three things you couldn’t live without.

My dog Trane, a hammock, and some good hot sauce.

4: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Call me crazy but I actually like it here!  I could not live without Mexican food, period. Plus we have the Lakers, Dodgers, great weather, my family…you get the idea.

5: Favorite genre of music to listen to and/or to play?

I love all of it. I enjoy playing loud rock n’ roll with the band, but I also really like to play classical guitar. Hearing John Williams for the first time was a spiritual experience for me (nerd alert).

6: What’s your most relatable pop culture reference?

 I’m just excited that Shark Week is finally upon us.

 7: Mountains or beach?

 Beach, which happens to be surrounded by mountains in most of California. Bam.

8: Are you an introvert or extrovert?


9: How do you maintain your cool, calm demeanor

Good genes probably. That’s where I get my modesty too.

10: Why do you choose to work for Visions?

It’s the people.  Speaking of which, I love your work, Sarit. Where’s your shout-out blog, huh?

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