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Paintball to Benefit the Global Adolescent Project

Come paintballing with Visions as we raise money for the teens of Haiti vis a vis the Global Adolescent Project (G.A.P)! “Global Adolescent Project, G.A.P, was born out of necessity, to fill a void — a gap — in youth services. Global Adolescent Project was launched in July, 2010, in one of the largest IDP (internally displaced persons) camps in post-earthquake Port au Prince, Haiti.”

We are thrilled to host this event of this caliber and are doing it in the wildy fun, whimsical Visions way. Our mission is to help teens everywhere. All teens deserve a chance to live a vibrant, healthy life, free from addiction, mental illness, poverty, and trauma. We all can do our part, no matter if it’s large or small.With this event, we are doing our part with flair: It’s not every day you can ping your favorite Visions peeps AND raise money for an incredible cause. I really hope you can join us!

The cost:

All-Day Admission: $70

Vest Rental: $10

Please contact JuliAnn Crommelin for more information:

You can read all about the Global Adolescent project on their About page. I also encourage you to watch this beautiful video from USC to get a full dose of this remarkable organization:

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