Find a Residential Treatment Center For Adolescent Drug Addiction

Find a Residential Treatment Center for Adolescent Drug Addiction

There are several reasons why a child would start using drugs.  

  • Rebellion – wayward children often smoke just to show that they are free from family rules and norms.
  • Curiosity – your child has probably seen others smoke. He or she has seen adverts on TV saying that smoking or drinking is bad. Out of curiosity, they may decide to try out the drug.
  • Thrill seeking – if these kids already know that certain substances can alter consciousness enabling them to “enjoy” certain activities, they will be tempted to always use such drugs.
  • Escape from situations – most kids, especially those who have tried a specific drug to escape from pain or a stressor in the past, will often go back to that drug to induce a relaxed feeling.
  • Learning from adults – a number of teens drink or smoke because they see adults, including their parents, guardians or visiting friends, smoking.
  • Many kids also abuse drugs out of peer pressure

Teen addiction treatment at Visions Adolescent Residential Treatment facility

Visions Adolescent Residential Treatment center in Malibu, California now offers a drug addiction treatment program that can help your teen realize the harmful effects of abusing drugs and assist them in changing distractive behaviors to become productive people in society.

The objectives of the treatment program include;

  • To encourage and motivate teens to achieve and maintain a drug free lifestyle.
  • Helping the teens identify situations which may cause people to use drugs to cope with life’s stressors, and making them understand that drug abuse actually doesn’t solve any problem.
  • Equipping the adolescents with skills necessary to formulate new, more effective problem solving strategies.
  • Introducing residents to the 12-step philosophy and motivating them to participate in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and/or Cocaine Anonymous (CA).
  • Helping them recognize the existence of and change destructive behaviors in their lives.

The residential program involves families of residents in the treatment plan to reduce dysfunction within the family. The adolescent are assed and treated for psychological, psychiatric and medical problems. Kids whose needs cannot be met at the facility will be referred for specialized treatment. The teens are also assisted in resolving any legal issues facing them.

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