California Teen Rehab Center

The anonymous author for the Daily Mail’s “Confessions of a Fashionista” article has found that her criticisms of her colleagues’ bizarre behavior surrounding food have shown up on a pro-ana website (a site supporting and encouraging eating disorders) as tips. The author was horrified to find that her words had been used as advice for teens wishing to eat less rather than their intended purpose, to point out the insanity of the fashion industry’s relationship to food.
Teen eating disorders are a major problem and attitudes from pro-ana websites are leaking into everyday society. Both Perez Hilton and Urban Outfitters have received flack regarding their pro-ana shirts. Urban Outfitters recently released a shirt that simply said, “Eat Less”. Is your teen showing signs of an eating disorder? Adolescent treatment centers are finding that many teens are using drugs and alcohol as a way to manage their weight. In most cases, treatment is essential for recovery. Eating disorders and drug abuse can go hand in hand, as they often spring from similar root issues. A good California rehabilitation center works to heal the whole teen, offering them a life of freedom from the pain of drugs, alcohol, and eating disorders.

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