Boo! It’s Hallow’s Eve!

Ah, Hallow’s Eve, the one day during the year where one can don masks, dress like anyone

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or anything they want, and of course, eat lots and lots of candy. To celebrate this phenomena, there are parties galore, some of which happened this past weekend, and some that will occur this evening. Here are some reminders for party savoir faire:

  • Bring your own drinks if you’re concerned that there won’t be any non-alcoholic treats for you.
  • Make sure you have sober friends with you or are surrounded by people who respect your sobriety.
  • Let your sober network know where you’ll be.
  • Does your destination have a high-relapse factor? Rethink your plans. Maybe there’s something else you can do instead.
  • Have fun. Sobriety doesn’t mean you get to lose your sense of humor. Trust me on this. I act silly all the time, and I’m in my sober teens!
  • Have a plan. Parties and social events aren’t the time to try flying by the seat of your pants. When confronted with temptation, we’re not always skilled at making the best choices.

Most important thing of all? Have a good time. Sure, the times of trick-or-treating may be in our recent past, but dressing up and laughing until your belly hurts is never out of style.

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