Adolescent Drug Rehab In Los Angeles

When I first got clean, I was really worried about how I would ever have fun sober. I have since then found all kinds of ways to have fun without using drugs. Last night was a total blast. One of my best friends in recovery celebrated two years clean, so to celebrate, we all went out to Joe’s Crab Shack in Los Angeles. I don’t know what the waitress could have thought about our motley crew. If I’d never gotten clean I would never have known all of these beautiful and interesting people. I love my strange group of friends! We come from all walks of life, yet manage to connect and identify because we share similar feelings and a passion for recovery.
At the end of my using, nothing was funny. I was like a robot going through the motions of life. When I went to rehab, I started to laugh again. One of the first things I noticed in adolescent drug treatment was that my stomach muscles actually hurt from laughing so much. It was like my soul had finally come back to life. Last night reminded me of that. We stayed until closing, talking and laughing and eating massive amounts of seafood. When I was using, I never had the connections and levels of friendship that I do today. If you had told me when I was new to recovery that I would choose hanging out with a bunch of sober people eating crabs than using drugs, I would have never believed you, but I am so glad that I stuck it out long enough to find such happiness and freedom. It is an amazing thing after such fear and unhappiness to feel so carefree.

Adolescent Drug Rehab In Los Angeles

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