Teen Eating Disorder Treatment

Self magazine has admitted giving Kelly Clarkson a new PhotoShopped body in the September issue because covers shouldn’t reflect reality but, “inspire women to want to be their best.” By denying women the opportunity to see what celebrities really look like, they are supposedly inspiring women to strive for something that is unobtainable- perfection. This is at the very root of my own disordered thinking and eating patterns. When you see tabloids circling dimples in a celebrities butt in a bikini or highlighting a star’s “fat” arms, it perpetuates and compounds the idea that women must be perfectly thin and flawless, which is next to impossible.
After gaining weight during recovery from my eating disorder, I was horrified to see how my body had changed, even though it was definitely for the better. My disordered thinking was difficult to overcome, but treatment at Visions helped me develop a healthier self image. Seeing PhotoShopped images of stars and tabloids pointing out their “grotesque” flaws really challenges my fragile self image. As I grow stronger after coming out of adolescent eating disorder treatment, I don’t feel as compelled to pay attention to the media’s body consciousness and I am working to pay more attention to my own self worth and happiness. If your teen is struggling with a adolescent eating disorder, Visions can help turn your teen’s life around. Give them the gift of freedom and recovery by contacting us today.

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