“No such thing as a life that’s better than yours.” – Jermaine Cole

Robert Byrd is an Educator at the Visions Day School. He has experience in tutoring high school and college-level English. Some of his current work involves encouraging students to perform educational activities and find enjoy them. He also creates fun projects to stimulate students to think and learn something new. Robert has been a part of the Visions community since 2017, starting out as a Program Aide at the residential facilities. Shortly after, he began working at the outpatient facility as a Tutor/Assistant. Prior to joining Visions, he worked at West Los Angeles College as an assistant to the English professor and as a tutor. He has also participated as a youth mentor in his community for 7 years.

Robert has a passion for motivating and mentoring youth, and what most fulfills him professionally is seeing students move forward academically as well as in their recovery. His superpower is the ability to encourage, motivate, and lead by example. By day, you can find him encouraging and teaching students at Visions. At night, he runs a media business and he is a husband and a father to three handsome boys and one beautiful baby girl.