Dr. Rebecca Good is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist working at our Mental Health and Wellness Center. She graduated with a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California; completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Adolescent Counseling Services; and completed a doctoral internship at the StarVista GIRLS program working with incarcerated youth in San Mateo.

Dr. Good has comprehensive experience working with young adults and adolescents, adults, geriatric individuals, families, groups, individuals with ADHD or who are neurodivergent, youth with oppositional defiant disorder, LGBTQ youth and adults, veterans, youth impacted by divorce, foster youth, and Latinx youth. She is also experienced in treating trauma ranging from early attachment issues to acute PTSD symptoms and substance use in youth and adults, as well as engaging in multidisciplinary collaboration. She has worked in several therapeutic settings, including community-based care, VA/Hospital wards, high schools and middle schools, and forensic settings for youth and adults.

When working with clients, Dr.Good deviates from the “Blank Slate” approach many traditional therapists take. Instead, she works collaboratively and relationally, bringing herself into the room in order to more authentically provide clients with a warm and positive experience. She frequently encourages feedback to more precisely cater to a client’s needs and preferences. She believes this therapeutic style allows more space to acknowledge cultural and contextual factors that interplay into our multifaceted identities and helps us consider how these parts of ourselves serve as valuable assets as we face daily challenges. She also works from an attachment-focused psychodynamic lens, meaning much of her work focuses on understanding how our past relationship patterns contribute to shaping and influencing our current ones. This knowledge gives us the power to decide what and how to change the patterns that no longer serve us and the tools to improve and build better relationships in the future.

In addition to her private practice, Dr. Good serves as a Supervisor at Adolescent Counseling Services in Redwood City and as Secretary on the board for Alameda County Psychological Association.