“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” -Rumi

Jeff Cowan is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. Jeff has always enjoyed working therapeutically with youth; prior to working at Visions, he was a therapist at the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic and the Maple Counseling Center. Before becoming a therapist, Jeff taught mindfulness programs in schools throughout the Los Angeles area and is a certified mindfulness instructor through the organization Mindful Schools. Observing the healing effects of mindfulness and inquiry in the youth that he was working with is what led him to become a therapist and continue the path of assisting youth in their growing and healing process.

Jeff is originally from San Carlos, California, a small town outside San Francisco. He has an older sister and two younger brothers. Jeff loves vacationing in the Pacific Northwest in areas such as Portland, Seattle, and British Columbia. His favorite band growing up was Sublime and his favorite TV show is The Office. Jeff’s favorite forms of exercise include playing basketball and swimming, and in the summer months, he loves playing beach volleyball. On the weekends, he loves strolling the streets of Santa Monica eating good food and drinking good coffee.