Ian Hoge, LMFT

“Love is the answer. Now, what is the question?” – Derek O’Neill

Ian Hoge is a family therapist at the Residential Mental House house. With an extensive background in mindfulness and yoga, he specializes in guiding adolescents and families into deeper awareness and interpersonal communication. In addition to practicing psychotherapy, he is the director of mindfulness at Peak Brain Institute and runs several mindfulness programs at various schools in the Los Angeles area. He is a certified yoga instructor and offers brainspotting trauma therapy and trauma-informed yoga therapy to clients to help them cultivate inner resilience and self-agency.

Ian has been part of the Visions community since 2017. Prior to joining Visions, he worked as a therapist intern at VIVE Family Support Program and Evolve Adolescent Treatment Center. He graduated from Antioch University with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. In addition to working as a primary therapist at Visions, Ian has a small private practice in Santa Monica, California.

Ian loves helping people make deeper connections to their mind, body, and spirit. Ian’s own struggles with anxiety and depression growing up has given him a unique insight into the challenges of being a teen and in many ways helped him develop the superpower of patience, understanding, and most important, compassion.