Born and raised is Southern California Colin struggled with addiction from a young age. Spending time in and out of institutions form the ages of 11 to 15. Colin got clean on May 9th 2008 at the age of 15 after his uncle died due to a heroine overdose. At the age of 18 Colin started working in adolescent treatment. Before joining Visions Colin also spent time touring in bands and recording music for TV and commercials.

In late 2017 Colin joined Visons as a Program Aide. Colin quickly connected with the residents being able to relate to the struggles of teenage addiction. In 2018 Colin began his role as Recovery Mentor. He loved meeting one on one with the kids helping guide them through the process off recovery. In 2019 Colin was promoted to Program Manager. In this role, Colin supports program aides as well as takes care of the day to day needs of the house. Fixing things that break, making appointments, servicing our vehicles, etc.

When not at work Colin works with Exotic animals caring for and breeding a number of different species. He also is a big fan of GM cars and trucks and Harley Davidson Motorcycles fixing, customizing, and driving them alike.