Chance Stirling, RADT - 1

“My mind’s a mile a minute. And my thoughts they bark like hounds.” -Tyler Childers

Chance Stirling joined Visions on May 31, 2016, starting as a Program Aide before transitioning into his current position of Recovery Mentor. He chose to work in adolescent treatment specifically because he went to residential treatment himself when he was 17, where he connected with one program aide that gave him “a fighting chance to stay clean.” Chance started working in treatment with the hope that he could have the same impact on the teens he works with. 

Throughout his time working at Visions, Chance has been given the opportunity to work in a field he loves and enjoy the things he loves doing when he is not working. Some of those things include fishing; hanging out with his dog, Raine; and working on motorcycles with his friends in recovery.