“The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water.” -Sigmund Freud

Brian Wildason is the Program Director and Primary Therapist for the Dual Diagnosis house. He has an extensive background in CBT, DBT, family systems, and addiction and specializes in challenging maladaptive thought patterns, changing behaviors, and validating the personal experience for teens and families. He also enjoys introducing college students to the exciting world of psychology through teaching classes.

Brian has been part of the Visions community since 2005. He began as a program aide, transitioned to a counselor position, and then became a primary therapist when he received his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Psychology in 2013. Prior to joining Visions, he taught martial arts, and he continues to train in a variety of disciplines. He participates in non-profit organizations to help teach families and teens about addiction and mental health struggles. He graduated from Ryokan College (M.A. and Psy.D.), Ashford University (B.A.), and Glendale College (A.S. and Addiction Specialist).

Brian has a passion for education, martial arts, helping families and teens, and protecting our oceans. What most fulfills him professionally is seeing teens and families change and commit to themselves and each other, as well as being able to work with such an incredibly devoted team at Visions. His superpower is reading people and understanding what is being said without it being said.

When Brian is not at work, he can be found underwater enjoying and exploring our oceans. In the evenings, he is chasing two Bernese Mountain Dogs around the neighborhood and spending time with his family.