Seeking Help For Your Drug Addiction is Okay

Chances are you’ve been thinking about getting help with drug addiction issues for a while.  You are more than aware that your drug addiction is negatively affecting your life, and the lives of your loved ones, in many areas.  Life as a teenager is hard.  You’ve got pressure and expectations from your family and teachers while trying to figure out who you are as a person.  On top of that is the social pressure from other kids your age, and sometimes it can be overwhelming.   Maybe you’ve tried to stop taking drugs on your own, but have been unsuccessful.  The truth is, overcoming your addiction on your own may be virtually impossible.  Professional help with drug addiction gives you the best chance of having the normal life that you’ve been yearning for.  

It is okay to ask for help with drug addiction.  The first step is to speak with your parents.  They may not be fully aware of the depth of your issues.  Or, maybe they have a clue something is up, but don’t want to upset you by bringing up your concerns.  Speaking to your parents and letting them know about your drug addiction and that you want help is a huge, brave step that can begin your recovery.  Next, it is time to work with your parents to find the best place for you to receive addiction treatment.

Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers provide individualized care in their locations throughout southern California.  Their practice focuses on the treating teen by addressing their specific needs allows them to be able to relate and understand what you are going through.  Their expert staff is dedicated with helping their clients identify and address the root cause of their addiction in order to recover.  The team at Visions Adolescent understands that each person is different. Therefore, they provide treatment plans that are tailored the unique needs of each client.  This is done through five distinct programs.

Residential Treatment

Visions Adolescent Treatment Center’s residential program is located in Malibu, California in a serene setting.  This program is for teenagers aged 13 to 18 and is designed to provide a supportive, comfortable, positive living environment along with intensive treatment to overcome addiction.  The average length of stay in this program is 45 to 90 days based on the needs of the client.  In addition to the treatment for each teen, there is parent and family treatment in order to repair bonds and to allow clients to return to a positive living environment after treatment.

Outpatient Treatment

For some, outpatient treatment provides exactly the level of support they need to overcome their addiction.  Facilitated in two locations in the Los Angeles area, outpatient treatment allows clients to receive the therapy they need while still being active in their everyday lives.  Sessions are held in the evening and on the weekends to fit into existing schedules.  As with the residential treatment program, support is provided to both the teen and their family.

Day School

Day School is an alternative education program for teens who are unable to find success in a traditional school setting.  Day School can be attended as a replacement for mainstream school or as a way to transition back into a mainstream program.  The difference depends on the unique needs of each individual.  Visions’ Day School can support everyone’s educational needs, be they remedial or honors level classes.  This is done through an unmatched student to staff ratio of three to one.


NeXt is Visions’ extended residential program and has stays of 90 days or longer.  The program provides clinical and educational therapy as well as alternate living arrangements for those that need an additional layer of support.


LAUNCH provides ongoing support on an outpatient basis for young adults age 18 to 24.  This program is available as a supplement to other clean living programs and is designed to help clients become independent.

For additional information on how Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers provide help with drug addiction, speak with a counselor today. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 866-889-3665.

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