Gender Dysphoria Treatment

Gender Dysphoria occurs in someone when they do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. This dysphoria can cause a number of different side effects and other disorders, including distress, anxiety, and depression.

At Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers in Los Angeles and Malibu, we offer programs designed to help teenagers with gender dysphoria. To learn more about our treatment options, contact Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers at 866-889-3665.

Learn about Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is also known as gender identity disorder, though the mismatches between physical and internal genders are by no means a mental disorder. Teenagers with gender dysphoria can experience a lot of internal conflict over presentation in public spaces, acceptance from friends and family, and future career growth.

Dysphoria is described as feelings of dissatisfaction, anxiety, and restlessness pertaining to a certain subject. These sensations transcend discomfort. At a time in their lives when teenagers are discovering themselves, discomfort with a male or female body can be so intense that it interferes with the normal course of life.

Signs your teenager may be experiencing gender dysphoria include:

● Dressing like the opposite sex
● Feeling alone
● Depression or anxiety
● Wanting to live as a person of the opposite sex
● Wishing for a different body

In children and teenagers, symptoms of gender dysphoria include:

● Disgust at their body
● Rejection from peers; loneliness
● Distress
● Intense feelings of anxiety
● Poor self-concept
● Suicidal thoughts