Therapy Dual Diagnosis – Ashley Rollerson

Ashley brings her extensive experience in substance use recovery to her work with adolescents and families. At Visions her primary focus is the treatment of substance abuse, LGBTQ- related issues, personality disorders, and insecure attachment. Familiar with recovery herself, Ashley uses her personal experience as a catalyst to help those in all stages of recovery explore the emotions and behaviors around co-occurring disorders.

For more than 4 years Ashley was the Director of Quality Control at a young adult sober living company where she was also a training specialist. Ashley has been with Visions for 2 years and feels it is her dream job due to the attention to detail of care, eclectic culture, and family-like atmosphere. Ashley believes in the uniqueness of the individual and understands every relationship is different. Ashley brings an open mind and holistic approach when working with families in order to communicate a real regard for the human experience.