Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Halloween…and you’re sober! What?! That’s right, you are sober! Your life has changed dramatically since last Halloween. You are more aware, you are living a clean life, you have different social circles,  you are starting to feel better in your skin. But for some reason, this dastardly holiday baffles you and freezes you in your tracks.  It’s ok. It’s happened to all of us.

Gone are the days when you have to be high to dress up or drunk to have fun. Gone are the days when the key component in your social adventures was 80 proof .  You know what? That’s okay! There are oodles of sober activities you can do on Halloween, especially as part of the young people’s fellowship. Year after year, there are gatherings that are full of silliness and pure fun: sober. One of the most beautiful things about fellowship is the simple fact that it typically provides as safe container to learn to “be in the world” again. It teaches and allows you to view the world through a new lens: one that is kinder, and less deluded.

The bottom line is this: Have fun today. Dress up; laugh; be silly; plant whoopee cushions everywhere; eat candy; live in joy. No matter what, try not to take yourself too seriously. I mean, how can you if you’re wearing tights and a cape, right?

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