Spice: Your Synthetic Nightmare

Spice: Your Synthetic Nightmare

Spice, K2, Cloud Nine, Potpourri: call it what you will, it’s all the same: a legal, synthetic, psychotropic drug lurking at the counters of your local liquor store.  Some use these drugs once and walk away, disillusioned by the multitude of negative effects. The addiction-prone continue, disregarding the negative nuances, anxious to get high.  Addiction is funny that way: the bad never seems bad enough to stop.

Recently, 20/20 did an exposé on bath salts, K2, and Spice, exposing the dangers and widespread concern amidst parents and law enforcement officials. Our medical director, Dr. David Lewis, addressed some of the risks related to these substances, telling 20/20: “If you take a developing brain and you put a tremendously psychoactive substance in the middle of that, that developing brain, what you really have is a chemistry experiment.” Dr. Lewis is all too familiar with the negative consequences manifesting in kids who have been using these drugs, and like parents, he also worries about the ease with which one can purchase K2 and Spice. Lewis says, “These people sell the drugs to our kids, no matter what the consequences are.” When 20/20 sent in hidden cameras with underage kids, the truth of this was caught on tape. The retailers are in it for the buck. Show them the money, and they’ll sell you the drugs, regardless of the 18-and-over age restriction.

Unfortunately, this rampant, devil-may-care attitude is substantiated by Dan Francis, the Executive Director of The Retail Compliance Association, who says, “a ban is dangerous” because it “sends it underground.” He even questions the government, saying,” What is wrong with euphoria and what gave them the right to regulate it?” Nothing is wrong with euphoria if it’s obtained through non-harming activities like completing a marathon, or a 2-hour Ashtanga yoga class. But that’s not what’s happening here—instead shops are selling a chemical recipe for disaster. We essentially have kids purchasing substances that have the capability of eliciting a desire to self-harm or increase the potentiality of suicidal ideation. It would be irresponsible if we ignored it.

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  • Barb

    November 11, 2011 at 4:49 am Reply

    It would be a miracle if all parts of the Gov’mt. working together. IT is legal but the military has been havng problems with Soldiers addicted to it, but according to the DEA it is legal, there is no treatment code for Insurance purposes, local law enforcement say it is legal and are more worried about medical marijuana now legal in Michigan. Spice is advertised as a synthetic marijuana. It is ten times worse then marijuana. Wake up everyone and take time to look around you. If you or soemone know is on it and can’t kick it. Good luck getting help for it, not very many people will actually address your addiction. My Son entered rehab today. We searched for over a weeks for a counselor who would try to help him. As this addiction is quite new and not often seen, YET anyway. His case is the first one his counselor has seen. Everyone we talked to said it was not addicting, treatment was not covered by Insurance because there is no Ins. code to bill them for the treatment. I am frustrated and want it to change. If the company selling it can kill off our people with their poison by manipulating the laws here in the States, then why can’t our Gov’mt make it illegal??

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