Dear Coachella

Dear Coachella

Dear Coachella:

    It’s been a year since I’ve seen you. I’m sober now, which means things are a lot different! My eyes are clearer and I’ve learned to treat myself so much better than I used to. I’ve been working really hard: working the steps and building new, healthy relationships with sober friends. I’ve learned that sobriety can be fun. I’ve discovered fellowship, which has shown me that laughter is a much better experience when I actually remember it. Being sober has taught me to deal with my fears head on. So, when I come to your desert, filled with the wonderful coterie of musicians and madness, I intend to do so with a clear head. Who wants to miss THAT lineup?!

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    I know now that drugs and alcohol were a hazy veil I pulled over my eyes. Fun was determined by how high I was or how wildly I acted. The truth is, I spent my time using so I didn’t have to deal with my reality. These days, I’m not running from reality anymore. Regardless, my parents and loved one say that going to Coachella is a bad idea for me, that it will be riddled with temptation, ultimately leading to my potential corruption and relapse. And looking at my past behaviors, those fears are valid. However, I’ve set some things in motion to ensure I’ll have fellowship and sober support with me: I’m going with sober friends; we have a set meeting place in case we get separated; we have an agreement amongst ourselves to check in with each other regularly (like mini meetings). I’ve learned that sobriety works much better when I have support around me. I have also learned that I can’t run from my feelings anymore.
     This year, my 3-day romp at Coachella will be memorable. Not because I was vomiting throughout most of The Kills’ set, but because I was dancing my bum off, and laughing like a maniac with great friends.

Can’t wait to see you!

Young and Sober

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