15 Year Old OD’s at LA Rave

15 Year Old OD’s at LA Rave

A 15-year old girl has died of a suspected drug overdose after attending the 14th annual Electric Daisy Carnival at the Los Angeles Coliseum. She was one of 120 attendees who were taken to local emergency rooms, mostly related to drug intoxication and overdose. Critics of the event seem overly focused on the fact that a 16 years old and older event let in a 15 year old. I am wondering why 16 year olds would be let in at all?

Ecstasy abuse and other synthetic drug use is on the rise in teenagers. Raves (no matter what they say) are overrun with drug use, and drug use is generally encouraged and expected by participants. Raves that allow teenagers in are reckless by ignoring what really goes on there. Ecstasy abuse is seriously harming the lives of many young people and it seems to me that raves exploit that. It is tragic that so many teens loose their lives each year to accidental drug overdoses. Teen ecstasy treatment helps kids struggling with drug and alcohol problems. If your teen is struggling, a California teen drug rehab can be a life-saving solution.

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