Teen Girls Getting Drunk With Booze Soaked Tampons

Teen Girls Getting Drunk With Booze Soaked Tampons


That’s right, “straight A” college bound girls admitting to Visions Adolescent Treatment Center getting drunk and fast by inserting an alcohol-drenched tampon and waiting for the buzz.

We apologize for having to report this but what will they think of next?

The idea is you can get drunk much faster and with less evidence because the alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream. This means there is no scent of liquor on their breath.

This is very dangerous! It is an overdose waiting to happen!

“I do this because when my parents ask me ‘HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING!!!?’ I can honestly say, “No!”

Please contact us to find out is my teen doing drugs?

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  • Bobby

    March 17, 2010 at 3:21 pm Reply

    What next indeed. I have to say I am impressed by the innovation these girls tapped into just to get a buzz. It just goes to show how powerful alcohol addiction is and the lengths people will go to achieve a high. It would be better news however if these girls were using their creativity for more productive endeavors.

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