Adolescent Prescription drug abuse

Adolescent Prescription drug abuse

The world of prescription drugs is a complex place, no where is that more true than Los Angeles. Even though studies have shown that use of drugs such as alcohol and marijuana is down in adolescents, prescription drug abuse is on the rise. Many teens can easily buy these drugs on the street, at school, or find them in the medicine cabinet at home. Typical ways to administer these drugs are: orally, or crushed up and snorted. The most common pills that are used are Valium, Xanax, Ritalin, and Oxycontin. Prescription drugs can be classified into three groups:

*Pain relievers or Narcotics
*Stimulants(prescribed for AD(H)D/anti-fatigue

Below is a short list of common prescription drugs and some of their street or slang names. If you hear these names or see them written by your kid, you may be concerned.

Pain Relievers
-Vicodin- vikes, beans, happy pills
-Oxycontin- oxys, OCs, hillybilly heroin
-Percocet (which is made from oxycontin and acetomenaphine aka Tylenol)- perks

-Benzodizapines- benzos, bennies
-Xanax- bars, z-bars, totem poles, ladders
-Even sleeping pills such as Ambien and Lunesta act like benzos when ingested

-Ritalin- vitamin R, kiddy cocaine

-Amphetamine or diet pills aka “cross tops”
-MDMA- beans
-Ecstasy- X
-Ketamine- vitamin K, special K
-GHB or the “Date Rape Drug”
-Coricidin ( like Robitussin)- Triple Cs, skittles

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